Smile For Snakes

Why RHN ???

Raise Hands Nepal, the youth platform share common dreams with all the concerned youth for nature conservation, climate change and biodiversity conservation around the world. We dream to live in a community of peace with sustainable prosperity and natural security. Dear friends if you want to be the part of this campaign and contribute to save our next generations future please up fill the form. We will provide you with RHN Card, T-shirt and certificate for the charges applied during membership. Please contact at if you find any difficulty during filling the form. Deadline Extended: 5th August, 2017. Click Join us above.

Save Snakes

The campaign of Raise Hands Nepal raising awareness of the people about importance of snakes, snake biology and effective snake bite management. We visit community, school and different platforms to disseminate information. We are trying to keep up rescue service through out country.

Plastic waste reduction

Reuse and recycle of plastics along with reduction in use by developing degradable waste cloths bag which can be used multiple time. Promoting waste paper bags.


Programmes in villages, schools and colleges to aware people about the environment conservation, waste management, snakebite management, public heath issues.


Plantation in barren land, Rescue of helpless wild and domestic animals their treatment and rehabilitation and promotion of clean energy development.

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