For membership application you must be

Citizen of Nepal

Above 16 years old

In normal mental condition

Not punished on the police case of moral degradation and violation of “Constitution of Nepal”.

You cannot be the member if

You are not citizen of Nepal and below 16.

You have not paid membership fees.

You have personal interest of business in the organizational matters.

You are punished by court as a thief, robber, lair or briber.

Your application is rejected by the working committee of Raise Hands Nepal.

You can apply for

General member

S/he has a power to vote.

S/he must pay Rs. 1,000 as entry fee and Rs. 250 per year far renewal of membership.

S/he must take regular participation in the meeting and events of the organization since Raise Hands Nepal is a volunteer based platform.

Life long members

Those personnels who have given remarkable contribution in the development of Raise Hands Nepal.

S/he must pay Rs. 2,500 with application.

Respected members

Personnels who have given remarkable contribution, will be awarded as a respected member of Raise Hands Nepal as decided by working committee.

If some one is not accepted as respected member S/he will be provided the latter of justification.

Gift RHN membership to your nearest and dearest one to help us grow. Form