Biodiversity, sustainability and innovation studies


Biodiversity, Sustainability and Innovation Studies (under RaiseHands Nepal) is an organization which will help researchers and students to work on research in biodiversity, sustainability and in the education sector in an innovative way. In Biodiversity, Sustainability and Innovation Studies we investigate or carry research or technical studies focusing on biodiversity and forestry and also we will focus on eco-friendly natural ecosystem considering sustainable development. This project will also focus on innovative teaching studies in different subjects like Science, English, Anthropology and Rural development.

In this organization, we don’t basically go to the forest most of the time or we don’t work for the cutting or managing of trees on the spot but we will help to generate ideas and plan for the sustainable management of forest and conservation of biodiversity as a whole. This research institution will help to teach students, researchers and train to make innovative researchers and teachers. Also, this organization will help to publish some research based on forestry, biodiversity and sustainable forestry management of Nepal. This project will help mainly to generate ideas, build research background and train newcomers. Mostly this research project will focus on disturbance, forest management, biodiversity and conservation, forest dynamics, tree ring analysis, climate change research, and ecosystem sustainability. This project will be training teachers and students on science, English, language and culture, anthropology and others with the help of foreign collaborator or foreign teaching coordinator.