Smile for Snake Classes

We have the pleasure to request the participation of students from your School in the “Smile for Snakes” (Two Hours long workshop), in your school. Children will have the chance to study about snakes, snake bite management and importance of snakes in ecosystem.

The Academy is all about empowering children to become involved in the surrounding and nature specially focused in snakes, which is the cause of 200 deaths per 1, 00,000 in our country. Students will learn important information about Identification of common 10 snakes in their locality, WHO recommended first aid measures for snake bite management, precaution and prevention to reduce snake bite rate in our country.   The program will help kids to be aware about diversity of snakes in their locality, and knowledge on ecology of reptiles will allow them to adopt prevention and precaution which reduces the chances of death after the unfortunate accident of bite. To support them with their ideas, they will receive up-to-date information and a copy of browser ‘Smile for Snakes- Save Snakes campaign’.

The Smile for Snakes workshops  are recognized as an official project of the Raise Hands Nepal thinking the social responsibility of human for betterment of living together in circular ecosystem. This campaign is funded by the beneficiaries themselves which compel us to believe we want change in stereotypical mind set. The organization arose out of the idea to save snakes 2013 by Sunil Sapkota which zeros in invocation ‘All snakes do not kill human, Lets reduce the fear of our kids by knowledge,’ Since then, we did 800 rescues and 46 Smile for Snake workshops in Nepal and Bhutan.

We as adults have a responsibility to help children determine their own future. The enthusiastic support from you will allow the Smile for Snakes class to encourage the participants to share their own ideas and help to realize the truth as mentioned by Worrell in his seminal book Reptiles of Australia, “Fear of reptiles is not inherent, but is developed in children through the influence of adults.” In view of the importance of inculcating this mindset in our youth, we request you to facilitate their participation in this workshop.

Registration for the class will be available on station but please inform the organizer for your confirm participation to make logistic arrangement. If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to contact me (Sunil Sapkota by telephone: +9779845364525, 056-591390 or by email: [email protected]). I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the class.

You can book or gift classes to the schools in snake infected Terai region of Nepal. Book Classes for your School.

Please help us to aware people.

“Come let’s Save Life Together”