Biodiversity Nepal

We Raise Hands Nepal is a group of youth dedicated to conserve natural environment so that we can hand it over to our next generation. Yes! We alone cannot change the pace of sky rocketing temperature of our globe, unbalanced production of green house gases along with particulate matter which are endemic threats to biodiversity.
“I invested my time and money in Raise Hands Nepal as a snake rescuer and as its founder president not onlooking at the corporate business but got inspired from the street kids who earned their living from the plastic bags and waste of civilized society. Then it is a must for me to lead a campaign to create safe nature for next generation to live, as a teacher” (Sunil Sapkota)

We volunteered for the street kids and provided them with tea and warm clothes for the cold winter season, raincoat for rainy days, Saturday movies to remove frustration and more over all respect for their job. The job may be done in insanity or to live a life, they are living on waste and their number ranges to 5000-6000 (CWIN). We must need to be serious and think for once……….The sad community of street kids is the example of the volunteers who can transform the country to cleaner Nepal if they are taught trained and made free from drugs.

“If an innocent kid can make difference why not me why not we…………..”

Youths conserving nature, fighting for animal rights, reusing and recycling plastics to handover the earth to our next generation.The organization motivated in the sustainable welfare of the human society and nature conservation. We are intended to bridge the gap being formed in the eco-chain. Making relation between different aspects of nature and society, we are trying to convince the people that, “Human species will not have much long time to be on this earth if we continue in the way we are doing”. We rescue animals in problems and dangers, we support people who have been harmed by wild animals, we are working for clean energy development, we stand for animal rights and thrive to reduce health problems to vulnerable population.
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